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Fire String Burning Competition:

Equipment - Fire Ring, Fire Safety water and shovel, two stakes 2 feet or longer, twine, fire starter,

access to tinder, kindling and wood


Set up fire ring with two stakes and two strings tied between them (hint angle sakes away from fire \/

the lean keeps the string taught). You can use any height, but 9 inches and 18 inches is a fine standard.


Each team has 5 minutes to lay a fire and ten minutes to light the fire. Only 2 people may work on the

fire, and nothing during the initial lay can touch the string.


At the signal, light the fire with one cotton ball and a spark. If need matches subtract 1 point. Subtract 1 point for each string not burnt. Only the two

designated can touch the fire subtract 1 point for infractions. Bonus .5 point for first sled to burn both

strings. Zero points for no fire in 10 minutes.

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