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Payments to T168

You can pay by check!

Make check payable to Troop 168 and write Scout's name and payment purpose on memo line.  Then, 

     1. hand to Troop 168 Treasurer, George Lindsey, a meeting or

     2. mail it to his home (as listed on Troop Contact sheet and intentionally not listed here). 

You can pay via Venmo! 

While in your Venmo app, search for @BSA-Troop168.    Alternatively, scan T168's Venmo QR code appearing on the right.  

Are you a friend of the Troop paying for items related to a Troop Fundraiser?

Please enter your order total as well as your name and reason (ex: “Jane Doe – sandwiches”).  

Are you paying an invoice sent by the Troop Treasurer for Troop activities?

-- If you pay through a linked bank account, there is no transaction fee.

-- If you pay through a linked credit card, please add 3.1% to the total to cover the transaction fee.

       Example:  Your invoice from the Troop Treasurer states a balance due of $57.   


       When paying by Venmo

          ... linked to your bank account, please pay $57.00.

          ... linked to your credit card, please pay $58.77.   

                    Math: $57.00 x 1.031 = 57.767 which rounds to $58.77.

Enter payment amount as well as the Scout’s name and reason (ex: “John Doe – Registration”).

If your payment is for several Scouts or reasons, please specify in description.

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