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A PDF of 2021 Guide to Advancement (verified 05/12/22) is linked.

The official Boy Scouts of America requirements for rank advancement and Eagle Palms (as updated Jan 2021 & verified 05/12/22) are found as linked.

Scouts BSA Advancement Requirements Changes effective January 1, 2022 are linked.

2022 Scouts BSA Requirements Handbook 

... After a brief hiatus (no hard copy in 2021), the Scouts BSA Requirements handbook is again available in print version. The 2022 Scouts BSA Requirements Handbook (BSA Publication No. 33216 - SKU 656269) became available in March '22 for purchase on and in Scout Shops.  

14th Edition Scouts BSA Handbook for Boys (2019)

With the February 2019 addition of girls to the program, there began two Scouts BSA Handbooks. Requirements for program and advancement are the same.


Changes from the 13th edition include grammar and formatting; references to Boy Scouts are now Scouts BSA; images: the Girls version includes photographs of girls while the Boys version includes photographs of boys and updated youth protection guidelines. 

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