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Annual Health and Medical Record

Your Scout will need an Annual Health and Medical Recordincluding a photocopy of insurance cards and signatures … to attend resident summer camp. The physical must be valid throughout the last day of camp. (Forms expire a year after the physical exam date.)

Consider bringing your Scout's BSA Annual Health and Medical Record form to his annual well-visit for completion. (Some pediatricians will waive a fee for forms completed during the well-visit.) Should you forget, see if your pediatrician will complete it outside of an appointment. (They often will if requested within a specified time of well visit; though you may incur a "form completion fee".)

Save a copy! Scouts often need to provide a copy if they attend NYLT, OA, etc.

Create a Scout Binder!

Invest in a 3 ring binder and sport card sleeves to hold your rank cards and blue cards for those merit badges that you have earned.

Pictured at right are those found on Nest and Launch (N.B.: This is not an endorsement but attribution of the source.)

Purchase a Plastic Footlocker for summer camp!

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