Boy Scout Troop 168

Troop 168 is sponsored by Saint Patrick Parish, Carlisle, PA.

T168 will again head to Rodney Scout Reservation in North East, MD, June 17-23, 2018.


Scouts, take the time to read through several items:   


      2018 Program Schedule  (updated 4/10/18)

      2018 Merit Badges & Prereqs    (updated 4/10/18)

      2018 Leaders' Guide   (updated 4/10/2018)

A comprehensive RSR Information page is linked.

Don't Forget!  current physician-completed Annual Health and Medical Record is required!

Older Scouts will select which merit badge classes they wish to take.


First-year Scouts will take RSR's acclaimed Brownsea Program(2018 edition pending)

Brownsea Program HINT:  a soccer/sport drawstring backpack works well for carrying your towel and water bottle!


Camp Rodney

                   Camp Website



                   Camp Map  

                   Suggested Packing List


Suggestion:  Invest in a plastic footlocker!  They're great for packing a week's worth of camp items.

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2018 Travel Information


Sunday, 6/17:  Meet at Scout room at 9 AM to load gear into trailer & vehicles.  Depart by 10 AM.  

PACK LUNCH(Sunday dinner will be first meal RSR provides.) 

Every Scout must wear class A uniform for dinner.

Saturday, 6/23:  We estimate our return to the pole barn area between 11:30 AM and Noon. Scouts will call parent(s) when we are approximately 30 minutes from the Marsh Drive campus. Those Scouts who do not have a phone will borrow a phone from a fellow Scout or an adult.      

Once Scouts have assisted with the unloading of Troop and personal gear, they will be released to their parent/guardian.


     Want to mail a letter or care package (suggested by Thursday/Friday the week prior to camp) ?  

The address is:

   Scout’s Name, Troop #168

   Minsi Campsite

   Rodney Scout Reservation (RSR)

   400 Rodney Scout Road

   North East, MD 21901